Our biggest inspiration is our brewing station. Coffee is there for us from the beginning to the end of the day. From harvest to first sip, we hope we can embark together on a journey of learning and discovering more about what’s in our cup.


Kazkara began when two siblings decided to partner up together and create an online store for specialty coffee. We are Pedro and Valeria, born and raised in Ecuador and currently living in Canada.

Growing up in a coffee-producing country has filled us with great admiration for the whole process that coffee goes through: from seed to cup. Without even noticing, coffee has been such a part of our identity as Ecuadorians and as a family. 



It all began when our grandfather, Vicente Suing, found a great passion for coffee beans in our hometown Loja. In a very traditional and artisan way he used to grow his own coffee plants, roasted his very own coffee and brewed it with a very popular cloth filter called "chuspa". This appreciation for this beloved drink has been passed down to us and there has never been a day without coffee in our home. 

The passion we feel for coffee is immense and we truly value the effort and dedication that allows us to enjoy each brew. Kazkara is here to invite you to explore this experience with us and to welcome each sip with mindfulness and curiosity. 

From our family to yours,

Happy Brewing Amigos!