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About kazkara

We are the link between small food businesses and conscious customers like you. At kazkara we have selected the best products from entrepreneurs, who have been working to strengthen their recipes. Their dedication deserves to be connected with people who will value their effort and its own unique story. We are here to take you on a delicious and tasty journey.

Enjoy the ride. Bon appetit. 

Our Story

Rare case of siblings that get along (well, most of the time) decided to partner when they discovered a shared interest: food.

We are Pedro and Valeria and in spite of our studies not being related to the food industry, we’ve always had a passion for trying new things and finding out the story behind each product, their origins, their influences and their purpose. We have lived in two different countries throughout our lives and we have felt the frustration of not being able to share authentic food when coming back from a trip. This is why kazkara was created, to build a community where we can share our passion for food.

NOTICE: all products have been tested and tasted by the founders of kazkara. 

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