Ancho Negro Chile
Ancho Negro Chile
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Ancho Negro Chile

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This is the most popular chile in Mexico. Black ancho chiles are quite mild and have overtones of dried fruit, coffee and tobacco. A deeper aroma than the red ancho chile. Use rehydrated or ground.

In fact a dried, very ripe poblano, the color of the ancho chile is deep red verging on purple. Grind and blend in simmered meat dishes, soups and chili con carne. Or rehydrate black ancho chile in hot water for 20 minutes to make a delightful paste with oregano and cumin. Add to salsas, meat marinades or mayonnaise. One of the indispensible chiles when making mole poblano or mole negro de Oaxaca.

Each bag contains 3-4 chiles.

Origin : Mexico
Packaging : Paper bag
Other names : Black Ancho
Heat scale : 2/10

Size: 50g

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