Chipotle Grande Chile
Chipotle Grande Chile
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Chipotle Grande Chile

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The real deal! These large brown and wrinkled are not to be confused with mora chiles, which are often marketed as chipotle. These well smoked chiles are notorious for their versatility.

True chipotle grandes are made from a special variety of large, ripe Jalapeño that is much meatier and fruitier than regular jalapeños. The chipotle grande chile, also known in Mexico as the ‘meco,’ can be used flaked or ground in a host of recipes, or dry toasted in a pan and then rehydrated to prepare an all-purpose smoked chile paste. The seeds of the chipotle grande are usually left in the pod.

Each bag contains 4-5 peppers.

Origin : Mexico
Packaging : Sac papier
Other names : Mecco
Heat scale : 5/10

Size: 40g

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