Quebec Herb Blend
Quebec Herb Blend
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Quebec Herb Blend

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This rustic, fragrant blend is made up of the finest herbs produced harvested in Quebec.

Herb blends have been a part of the culinary landscape of Quebec for a very long time and it is obvious that our grandmothers used them in a wide assortment of dishes. Our herb blend was inspired by, among other things; Quebec’s emblematic salted herbs, the aromas of our traditional dishes, combined with notes of savory, celery and a touches of parsnips. Can be used in a wide variety of recipes – the same as Herbes de Provence – or  to add a familiar, authentic, comforting yet old fashioned flavor to roasts and soups.

Ingredients: Onion, parsnip, savory, thyme, shallot, parsley, celery leaf, marjoram, tarragon, celery seed.

Size: 12g

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