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  • Why kazkara?

    From harvest to first sip, we hope we can embark together on a journey of learning and discovering more about what’s in our cup. We’re a family business dedicated to advocate for equality and consciousness surrounding the coffee chain and its practices. All of our products can be traced back to origin and we seek to highlight the importance of origin in all of our products. Welcome! 

  • About Us

    We’re Pedro and Valeria, two siblings from Ecuador living in Canada. Growing up in a coffee-producing country has filled us with great admiration for the whole process that coffee goes through. Without even noticing, coffee has been such a part of our identity as Ecuadorians and as a family. We thank you for being here and following our journey! 

  • How does it work?

    Explore our selection of Ecuadorian coffee and guest roasters. Once you order, we will ship / deliver your order within a week. We keep updating our menu monthly, so make sure to come back when you feel like trying something new. Happy Brewing!