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Tea Gift Box

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Our tea Gift Box contains the following:

1x - Assam Breakfast Organic - Black Tea

1x - da wu ye - dancong oolong - loose leaf

1x - I Love Oolong Time Card by NICHECREATE



1x - Assam Breakfast Organic - Black Tea

From the vast plains of Assam, the Banaspaty garden offers us this tea with uniform and slightly broken leaves.

Its liquor is straightforward and full-bodied with aromas typical of tobacco, malt and fruit (plum).

Each box contains 10 tea bags made entirely of plant based fibres, all materials approved by the strictest food industry regulations (FDA/EU). No nylon is used whatsoever.

With their pyramid shape, these compostable bags give your leaves all the necessary space to steep freely and release their freshness into your cup.

With or without a cloud of milk! A comforting tea for mornings or dessert.

 Each box contains 10 teabags

1x - da wu ye - dancong oolong - loose leaf

Discover the Da Wu Ye Dancong Oolong and it’s fiery complexities. This old tree single bush oolong is grown in the Wuyi mountains of China, this cup yields tannic notes of honey, ginger and oak. An ideal digestif after a heavy meal.


1x - I Love Oolong Time Card by NICHECREATE

Nickey brings to us a "I Love Oolong Time Card" for the important people in your life!

You can include a note inside if it is being sent directly to someone.

Card Description: ⁣
-A7 Card (~5”x7”); comes with A7 Kraft envelope in a larger envelope if not sent directly to intended recipient - can be delivered to you or directly to recipient ⁣
-inside of card is blank⁣ (unless customized)
-printed on standard cardstock⁣

Check out more of Nickey's work on Instagram: @niche.create.x